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HR & Payroll System
Take Two offers a fully integrated employee system. Not only does this cover the functionalities of human resources, payroll and employee self-servicing, but it also connects the employee system to finance, warehouse and student.

Programs include staff lists, staff allocation, staff directory, evaluations, injury/accident reporting, key/card records, automated leaves & approvals, and employee self-serve sub replacements.
Finance System
Take Two is proud to be able to offer automation of ALL financial tasks with automatic maintenance of the general ledger. FMS provides 'automatic' integration with payroll, warehouse, employee & fixed assets.

Programs include financial reports, requisitions, purchase orders & invoices, activity checklists, bid requests, journal entry requests, permits, stock requests, and work orders.
Student System
The student module offers a way to accurately manage student information. Maintain all types of demographic information on students, transfer and promote students online instantly, and define, track & report on unlimited amounts of additional information for individuals and groups. With Take Two customers across multiple provinces, our software is compliant to all provincial requirements.

Programs include student lists, reports, scheduling, attendance, assessment, school fees, and eCommerce.
Public System
Independent from the student modules, Take Two is able to support the public side of a school division. Our continuing education module automates the process of defining continuing education courses, assigning teachers, assigning students & waitlists, produces cash receipts and creates certificates of completion.

Programs include customer self service, public calendar, public facility usage, public events & offerings and public general pay online.
Product Integration
ONE set of applications in ONE spot.
Everybody participates!
Staff members can use the EmployeeConnect self-service portal to input leave requests, see their absence balances, see their employee folder, earned certificates, evaluations, enter employee reimbursements, plus other valuable information!
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