Partner Links

Take Two Inc, along with ASNA, Weidenhammer Technology and IBM, is a leader in providing automated information management products and services for administration in school districts and colleges.

The following partners and their solutions add value to CIMS. Being on this list means that CIMS has integrating qualities with the 3rd party solutions and that the suppliers meet our high standards of quality and support.

AESOP is the leading substitute placement and absence management service in Manitoba.  With AESOP you can easily manage employees leaves and automatically schedule qualified subs when needed.

Ariadne Coolspool Utilities

Ariadne Coolspool Utilities is the iSeries software that converts reports and images to pdfs and allows emails/ftp distribution.

eSchool Solutions

eSchool is a PC software solution that loads employee and sub information to a PC solution for managing employee absences and replacements. Absent and time-worked information is loaded automatically back to CIMS for payroll processing.

Sepe Faxstar

Faxstar hardware and software integrates within CIMS to auto fax iitems like POs and A/R statements.

Anisoft Group

Our local IBM experts; Anisoft assists with the iSeries - new purchases, installs, operating system upgrades, and disaster recovery planning.

As our iSeries partner of choice, we work with Anisoft to assess iSeries needs (purchase) as well as consult on security, upgrading, additional S/W, and iSeries potential.

ASNA provides the utilities necessary for CIMS web applications. ASNA's powerful products solve business issues that no other vendor can. They ensure the best development, testing and hardware solutions in the industry.

Our IBM server of choice is the eServer iSeries (AS/400) ranked #1 in the world for business solutions. It is secure, reliable, and provides the lowest cost of ownership. iSeries access for Windows is the rich end-user product for workstations not utilizing a browser UI.


SmarterU is an online course delivery solution for districts to create, post, and deliver courseware to employees. They integrate with Take Two for up-to-date staff rosters and to update completions to CIMS.

Stage 2 Data

Stage 2 is incharge of data backup and recovery; they have the products and expertise to protect valuable data.


Synervoice is an integrated software solution for automated telephony or email for common parent/staff communication (eg. daily attendance notification).


Weidenhammer is the owner and support company for CIMS in the United States. Similarly, they deliver innovative, flexible and complete strategies. The link above provides access to documentation support and customer forums.